“Immunotherapy for cancer” is a new treatment modality that aims to empower patient’s own immune system to fight against cancer.

Despite it initially looks, CANCER is actually a genetic disorder. There are several consecutive series of mutations which must happen in advance of a cancer cell develops.

Typically this requires 6 – 10 mutations in the cells which causes losing cancer regulation checkpoints in the process. Usually the process needs a long time, which should explain why most cancers appear in old ages and even after a long while from quitting the smoking or drinking alcohol.

Our immune system is usually capable of spotting a mutated cell and destroying it before it grows and mutates even further.

In other words, some mutations are simply too complicated for our immune system to be discovered and destroyed. The Immune system then needs an extra “booster”, to enhance their radar for spotting cancer cells. This are where immunotherapy drugs (like Nivolumab, Ipilimumab, Blincyto, etc.) come to the picture and work.

At the moment this is quite a new therapy method and grows increasingly fast (Nobel prize 2018 was about the same!). We as an experienced player in international level within oncology sector are very much interested to enhance permeability of these expensive molecules into cancer cells. This can save a lot by using lower dosage of immunotherapy medicines for having the same clinical outcome.

It can also potentially help to prevent cancer in high risk patient groups. Utilizing electricity and electroporation is something that might be considered as a route for such and we are welcoming international research centers to work hand in hand against cancer.

Having that said, we hope high, because with all these methods we might not be that far from curing cancer.

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