Breast Cancer Article-June 2017

Abstract: In Northern Africa, the high incidence of breast cancer among young women has been recognized as a particular epidemiologic feature within the region. However, a comprehensive epidemiological overview of the existing data is lacking.

Within this present review we aim to: (i) asses the available and reliable epidemiologic data reported from institutional series and registries (ii) investigate the possible impact of demographic or genetic factors on epidemiology and (iii) describe the distinct risk factors and tumour biology of breast cancer in young women presenting in this region of the world.

The evolution of young breast cancer incidence around the Mediterranean area and particularly in the region of Northern Africa will be discussed, as well as it is association to the existing demographic context. The issue of possible bias likely to influence the reported incidence rates, as obtained from the regional registries, will be elucidated. We will finally underline that interpretation of data coming from these registries should be cautious, as the concentration of resources within some metropolitan centres (or regions) may induce bias in terms of patients’ reporting.

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Keywords: Breast cancer, Young women, Cancer registry, Epidemiology, Mediterranean area.


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