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AdLanda , “Tio i Topp” just  published an interesting & comparative article on best Omega 3/fish oil products of 2019

Omega-3 Supplements Guide: What we buy and why

Omega-3 fatty acids are very  important  for health.

That the best way to get enough is to eat foods that are rich in  omega-3  , such as oily  fish  .

If you do not eat a lot of oily fish, you might want to consider taking a supplement.

However, there are hundreds of different omega-3 supplements available. Not everyone has the same  health benefits  .

This detailed guide explains everything you need to know about omega-3 supplements .

Omega-3s come in several forms

Fish oil comes in both natural and processed forms.

Processing can affect the fatty acid form. This is important, as some forms are absorbed better than others.

  • Fish:  The fish are omega-3 fatty acids present as free fatty acids, phospholipids and triglycerides.
  • Fish oil:  In conventional fish oils are omega-3 fatty acids are mostly present as triglycerides.
  • Processed fish oil:  When fish oils are processed, either to purify or concentrate them, they become the ethyl esters  which are not found in nature.
  • Reformed triglycerides:  the ethyl esters of processed fish oils can be converted back to triglycerides, which are then called “reformed” triglycerides.

All these forms have health benefits, but studies have shown that the absorption of omega-3 from ethyl esters are not as good as other forms.

As a rule of thumb, the absorption of omega-3 in the form of free fatty acids (mostly in food) greater than 50% triglycerides, and absorption of triglycerides is 50% larger than the ethyl esters.

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