Cancer cases-Veterinary sector

Achieving local tumor control in veterinary patients with cancer affected by solid neoplasms represents one of the major challenges for veterinary oncologists, frequently due to late referrals or rapid tumor growth.This clinical presentation often prevents the achievement of local control with surgery alone, needing a multimodality approach involving adjuvant therapies, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or electrochemotherapy (ECT).


  • Bleomycin
  • Carcinoma
  • Cisplatin
  • Electroporation & Electrochemotherapy
  • Mast cell tumor
  • Pets
  • Sarcoma


  • The cell membrane is the major obstacle to be overcome by chemotherapy agents in order to reach their biological targets. This is especially true for lipophobic agents like Bleomycin.
  • Electroporation is a technique that greatly increases the uptake of such drugs by tumors. The combination of permeabilizing pulses and chemotherapy is called electrochemotherapy (ECT).
  • Electrochemotherapy has been successfully used in combination with Bleomycin and Cisplatin to treat solid tumors such as carcinoma, sarcoma, and hematologic malignancies such as mast cell tumor.
  • Novel applications include the treatment of visceral tumors under ultrasonographic guidance and the delivery of molecular compounds such as oligonucleotides, plasmids, and small proteins.

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