Is an emerging treatment modality for cancer patients which can effectively reduce tumour burden and induce immunogenic cell death. Electrochemotherapy is most commonly used with bleomycin as the drug of choice, here we examine the efficacy of electrochemotherapy with cisplatin. Electrochemotherapy with cisplatin was found to effectively reduce tumour growth in a range of murine models and induce significant intratumoural recruitment of myeloid and humoral immune cells. Following the observations of immune system mobilisation, we have shown an ability of electrochemotherapy to reduce metastatic potential as determined by tumour burden in the lung, and to exert an abscopal effect by reducing growth at distal untreated secondary tumours.

What drugs are being used most in ElectroChemotherapy? Bleomycin & Cisplatin


• ECT with cisplatin is an effective form of therapy showing significant decrease in cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo.•

• Immune cell mobilisation is visible locally and systemically following treatment.•

• ECT with cisplatin may be useful in reducing the growth of distal untreated growth and controlling metastatic disease.

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Cancer Letters

Volume 442, 1 February 2019, Pages 475-482

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