In Philips innovation hubs located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Eindhover, Netherlands, Bangalore, India, and Shanghai, China, 19 startups out of 750 applicants are taking part in an intensive, 12-week Philips HealthWorks program to accelerate their innovations. The focus of this program is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare with the goal to improve patient outcomes and the efficiency of care delivery. During the program, the 19 startups, representing 14 different countries, will validate their value propositions, build, test, and scale their ideas, and explore potential collaborations with Philips and others. Participants will also benefit from Philips’ own AI platform for healthcare, Philips HealthSuite Insights. The platform is already used today to enable machine learning and deep learning applications in the areas of imagingtelehealthoncology, and genomics.

According to Alberto Prado, Head of Philips HealthWorks, “We are already working closely with clinical partners to develop AI-enabled solutions that are grounded in scientific research and validated in clinical practice. This new collaboration program recognizes the role that start-up companies play in bringing breakthrough healthcare innovations to the market.”

The following are the 19 companies participating in the current program which culminates in “Breakthrough Day” taking place on December 12, 2018. All of the following leverage AI to address their indicated use case.

  • Radiology
    • Cercare Medical, brain maps for radiological assessment of CT and MRI scans
    • Contextflow, medical image data analysis
    • Image Biopsy Lab, prevention of debilitating bone diseases
    • Laralab, cardiac image-based intervention planning
    • LinkingMed, automatic organ delineation, adaptive radiotherapy planning, and quality control
    • Longwood Valley, surgery planning, diagnostics, and analytics
    • Lunit, cardiac imaging and digital pathology
    • Neurophet, neuromodulation guidance and medical image analysis
    • NeuroPsyAI, diagnosis of neurological and psychiatric diseases using MRI
    • Predible, surgical planning, malignancy scoring, nodule tracking, and response assessment for lung cancer
    • Quantib, detecting changes in tissue for diagnosis of dementia and multiple sclerosis
    • Quibim, transforming medical images into meaningful data
    • Triocula, cross platform surgical planning using advanced imaging
    • Zed+, software and workflow solutions to improve radiology department efficiency
  • Ultrasound
    • CompassNeuroScience, localize and classify brain dysfunction diseases
    • Onsight, automated medical imaging
    • ThinkSono, diagnosis for deep vein thrombosis
  • Oncology
    • Cipher Gene, decoding cancer to manage as a chronic disease
    • Deepinformatics, pathological imaging diagnostic tool for improved efficiency and accuracy

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